Mantel Decor!!

Hello All!!. Mid week greetings. I’m on a mission to spruce up my living room before the summer ends, so i have started working on it and also the long pending project , the gallery wall. I’m thinking of revealing the gallery wall sometime next week, if i finish it on time : ).

Meanwhile, since summer is around the corner, i would like to change the layout just a little bit to get the breezy effect. I did use some of the stuff from the spring mantel decor and add a few more.

I bought the blue agate tea light holder from zgallerie, which is definitely a splurge but planning to use all around the house. The drip vase which i made last week. A touch of green from the mosaic finish vase.

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DIY Ottoman Tray!!

Hello all!! We are in much need of an ottoman tray. This is also a leather ottoman , so i have to move my other one to our master bedroom.  Back to tray, I would like to do it myself  : ) .  I will share with you how i did it, will be glad if you are interested to make one for yourself : ).

Many options to choose from ,picture frame tray are the most popular in pinterest , very creative but not my style. So opt for some thing else, found this tray(?) in the basket aisle at Marshalls. Fell in love with the shape and it can hold a lot of stuff.

ottoman tray diy paint spray white red yellow home decor coding dots

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No Sew Ottoman Slipcover!!

Hello, hope you had a good weekend, for this week’s project,i’m tackling my faux leather black ottoman, when it was on sale at tar-jay, i grabbed it several years ago..since then it has seen its best and not so good days..

We mainly use it to store our munchkins toys..and some throws..i’m NO sew person, i have a brother sewing machine ,but i haven’t even touched, but i have a fantastic sewing project..that is for back to ottoman…Bought a Pretty Shower Curtain of course from Tar-Jay 🙂

Started with this:


Shower Curtain – Target

Staples Gun- Target (but quickly change my mind and didn’t used for this project)

Mod Podge -to secure

Velcro Strips and Thumbtacks- Homedepot

Guessing, cutting and trying the pieces on the ottoman to have an idea

Bad lighting, took this pic in the night after my little munchkin when to bed..

I didn’t even bother about the bottom half,since they are nicely tucked in and on top of it a heavy cozy pillow to keep them in place, now for the upper part of it

Took the velcro strip with the sticky back  and kind of stick it alongwith some mod podge to make sure they are in place to wooden part of the ottoman and to the was little tricky but i tried my best

and then came the thumbtucks to the rescue

Here is my No Sew Shower Curtain Ottoman Slipcover

ottoman slipcover family room sewing home decor diy


Love it!! 🙂

Hope you have a better story than to hear your thoughts on this..

Thanks for the read!!