Power of Colors!!

Welcome to my blog & a new post!! It’s all about colors today. Since our family room is on the sunny side with big windows, I ended up choosing Grant Beige by benjamin moore as the wall color. It is such a beautiful color but I needed a bright {accent}} color so badly since we get longer cloudy days where we live.

This pic has the Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore with colorful accents (A):

FullSizeRender (16)

This Pic is the Suntan Yellow by Benjamin Moore with the colorful accents:(B):

FullSizeRender (17)

As you can see, how dramatically it changes the mood of the room, either way I kinda like them both. If you were given an option to choose,which one you would prefer the most, feel free to comment.

Thanks for the read!!



Spring Mantel!!

Hello & Welcome to my family room. Needs lot of updates, but first baby steps . Today my focal point is the fireplace mantel. It houses many personal/sentimental stuff like pics, greeting cards ,kids art work ,etc . I’m not a seasonal decorator(oops!!). I want to make subtle changes but still can have those stuff up there without cluttering it.

spring decor fireplace mantel decorating ideas home

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