Spring & Garden!!

Spring brings many joys along with it, one of them is Gardening : ). Always excited to see new buds and plant some more. It gives a chance to at least try gardening for once.  My love for gardening also from this post. This might be the millionth garden post out here in the blog world, but i would like to share some of mine : ).

In our garden,we have a variety of all : ). I love annuals like geranium, ranunculus ,begonias and impatiens.  Roses,hydrangeas, azaleas,peonies,lilacs will also show it off their beau in the spring & Summer seasons.

hydrangeas bulbs flowers spring summer fall garden home


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Fall in the air

Fall has arrived..crisp breeze, colorful leaves all over the places ,apples and pumpkins harvest begins ,mums are blooming everywhere with vibrant colors..

Weekend ,we went to the orchard to pluck some apples..so much fun with the kidlets..


I see pumpkins everywhere now..kind of tempting, can’t wait till OCT to harvest them from the near by orchard..



This weekend fall decorating in my house..starting with the dining room table, here is the sneak peek of my decor with pumpkin base and beau mums right from my garden..


Happy Harvest!!

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Up In the Sky..

My love for photography grows stronger each and everyday..i do what i do best..point and shoot..hah..in this post i have shared some of my best captures..to add i would like to share a few here..i love bird photography..but is there an unique technique to capture these beauties..i have no idea..

in the sky,bird,flyUp in the sky as it flies..freely ..

bird,fly,park,in the sky,bid photography


Love the way this beau was posing for me..very patiently..

bird,fly,park,in the sky
This is my fav..

More to capture if they allow me to 🙂

Happy Photographing!!


My Photography..

From this post you might know that i’m still a beginner,learning everyday about my dslr camera..i’m enjoying and capturing beautiful moments..i would like to share with you some of my “work”..i have a long way to go with photography..

Yes..i’m the proud owner of these peonies..they bloom heavenly..it was windy and sunny when i captured this beauty..

I was so smitten to see a parade of clouds in the sky one lovely afternoon..so grabbed my dslr and started to click them..some of them,including this looked like an animal to me especially a cutey doggy..

Jelly Beans,munchkins favorite..i used a candle holder to fill the jelly beans and made it sit horizontally and took a shot or two of this colorful snack..

It was raining and the sky looked like it had an orangey drink and washing it down the trees and mountains..i captured this pic between two houses..yes..other than cropping the image ,i didn’t do anything..love all the colors in this pic..

From my Rose Garden, This is Frederick Mistral , the blooming machine,not kidding, it doesn’t take any rest i guess..this one was budding, so gotta get a shot..

Since these are my “entry level” pics.. more to grow on my photography..

Thanks for the read!!