Fall Touches!!

Hello All!! Sorry for not blogging regularly for couple of months and Thanks to all the readers who are still following my blog.  I will try to post at least two posts per week from now on. This is my passion/dream so will try hard not to lose it : ).

I did clean up a little bit to add some fall touches to my house. Love plush pumpkins. Big time. They are so cute and adorable and a very nice touch around the house. It adds so much warmth and color to my family room : ).

pumpkins,plus,fall,autumn,decorating ideas,home

In my dining room, added some more pumpkins, as you know i’m not a seasonal decorator ,try to keep the basics in place as the next season starts. Yes, i do have the blue table runner which i adore and think it does compliment orange so well.

pumpkins,plus,fall,autumn,decorating ideas,home,dining room

In living room, i needed some contrasting colors to the pebble grey by glidden, so far this is my favorite color of all ,love white pumpkin in here : ).

pumpkins,plus,fall,autumn,decorating ideas,white pumpkin,home decor,living room,pebble grey by glidden

Love this mini glittery pumpkins. A bright contrast to my table : ).

pumpkins,plus,fall,autumn,decorating ideas,home

My do-to list is so long, but my immediate one to finish up is this Duktig kitchen. Excited to add all possible vibrant colors : )

duktig kitchen,ikea,kids,play, colors,flowers


Thanks for the read!!




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