Lesson Learnt(?)!!

Hello All!!.I have  never thought the choosing the colors will be so difficult. As you know that i’m on a mission to paint my house this summer, and with some professional help to paint 20′ feet walls, we are almost done. I will share with you my house paint colors soon but here is a pic of my family room in grant beige by benjamin moore. It is hard to tell how the color is, because day time it is much more of greener and brighter and in the night and on cloudy days it becomes grayish . But i personally like it , as this color allows you to add more vibrant colors to the room.

grant beige, famioy room color ideas, beanjamin moore, painting, home decor

My dining room is the true wheeling neutral by Benjamin Moore, it is a win-hate condition.  It is so funny the same color in the same room looks different in opposite walls. Haha, you can see the samples lying on the dining table, believe me i have plenty in my garage.


wheeling neutral, dining room color ideas, benjamin moore, painting, home decor

But the biggest blunt of all is the foyer with the jonquil yellow by Glidden. No offense to the color, it is a beautiful yellow but the choice of the place were we went are little off. In the night, my foyer looks like a DAY. No Kidding.

jonquil yellow, foyer room color ideas,glidden, painting, home decor

Now it will cost us a fortune to fix it. But i’m so excited to start stenciling the gr(b)eige walls and share it with you all.

Thanks for the read!!



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