Spring Mantel!!

Hello & Welcome to my family room. Needs lot of updates, but first baby steps . Today my focal point is the fireplace mantel. It houses many personal/sentimental stuff like pics, greeting cards ,kids art work ,etc . I’m not a seasonal decorator(oops!!). I want to make subtle changes but still can have those stuff up there without cluttering it.

spring decor fireplace mantel decorating ideas home

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DIY Ottoman Tray!!

Hello all!! We are in much need of an ottoman tray. This is also a leather ottoman , so i have to move my other one to our master bedroom.  Back to tray, I would like to do it myself  : ) .  I will share with you how i did it, will be glad if you are interested to make one for yourself : ).

Many options to choose from ,picture frame tray are the most popular in pinterest , very creative but not my style. So opt for some thing else, found this tray(?) in the basket aisle at Marshalls. Fell in love with the shape and it can hold a lot of stuff.

ottoman tray diy paint spray white red yellow home decor coding dots

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