Gold Leaf Table!!

Hello All!!. Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I found this beau table at Ross. I love gold leaf glass top tables, as they add a richness to any space. When i saw this side table, first thing came to my mind was Regina Andrew‘s table, okay i’m exaggerating a little lot, but still you can see this one is the (almost)replica of that.

regina andrew replica, table, gold leaf table, glass top, rub n buff, home decor, diy,blogging

As it is in the picture, the paint is worn out, so a little bit of rub n duff  will help to bring this table’ s shine back . So off to the craft store.

Materials used are rub n buff gold leaf , thin paint brush and the paper towel to buff it.

rub n buff, home decor, regina andrew, gold leaf table, diy, family room

painted rub n buffed the trim and every single trellis,  the time and the effort was totally paid it off : ).

ross,home decorating ideas,gold leaf table, regina andrew,diy,rubnbuff,gold leaf

gold leaf table, regina andrew, rub n buff, table, home decor, diy

A hour later : )

regina andrew table, gold leaf table, paint, home dorating ideas, blogging

It’s time to dress it up. I bought this orchid from Trader’s Joe. As you can see the table’s trim looks lot better than before.

gold leaf table, home decorating ideas, blogging, blog, home decor, rub n buff, diy


Nicely tucked next to the sofa chair besides the fireplace, cozy : )))). That is also a placemat pillow on the sofa chair.

gold leaf table, decorating ideas, home, blogging, regina andrew, diy , ross

It does look like a brand new high end version(?) for the fraction of the cost, so i can also enjoy having something which i’m used to seeing it only in the magazines.

Thanks for the read!!



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