Liebster Award Nomination!!

liebster award

What an award nomination for me?!. Well i’m really honored when ISPEAKGLITTER nominated me for this award. About Liebster Award, it is an award for new and upcoming bloggers, a way to encourage them . Please take a moment to read more here. Since my blog is yet to grow bigger to nominate others, i will pass it(ouch!!),but will answer all the 10 questions ISPEAKGLITTER asked me : ).

1) If you were to teleport to somewhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?

Honestly, no where. But to answer, Marina Beach, India.

2) Fondest childhood memory?

Counting stars in the sky.

3) Which fictional character would you like to meet and what would you do with them?

The Cat in the Hat.

4) You have one quality that you can decrease in the world and one quality that you can increase in the world, what would you decrease and increase?

Decrease  Destroy Hate and Increase Love.

5) What is most important in your life?

Being a Human.

6) If you were to have a family, would you have a big one or a small one and why, if you already have a family-what do you love the best about the size of your family?

I’m happy with my family size.

7) You have the opportunity to add a word to the dictionary, what would it be?


8) First thing that comes to your head when I say these words:



Beautiful=A child’s Smile

Sloppy=slush ice

Fun=not loosing your sense of humor.

9) Food that you dislike?

I’m a Vegetarian.

10) You have 3 small stars that, when placed, make an awesome grand entry noise when you enter the location of where the star is placed, where would you put these stars?

In my closet : ))))).

Thanks much for taking your time to nominate me ISPEAKGLITTER.



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