DIY the “wooden” vase!!

Hi!! I’m back with another craft idea. Clear vases crafts are endless, Today’s post is about how we could change the look of clear glass vase into wood look alike.  All you need is a clear vase of your choice and brown acrylic paints, i used  folk-art real brown and english mustard.

wooden vase decorating ideas craft ideas diy home decorating ideas paint brown vvase filler flowers

I started painting inside the vase with the real(darker) brown. So it will be much easier to paint the outside and get the look of it.

wooden vase

Now paint  the outer side with the lighter brown(english mustard)

wooden vase diy deorating tips ideas crafts

I started to wipe of the excess with the paper towel and keep doing that till you are satisfied with the color/shade of it, since the inside is darker color, it will pop out and make it look kind of real.

wooden vase flowers crafts decorating tips ideas home decor folk art


Different Views : ).

wooden vase

Honestly, i didn’t worry about the imperfections , it kinda leans towards the look of wood grains.

craft ideas vase flowers wood decorating ideas home decor diy

And you can see the inside here in this pic : )

wood vase flowers crafts home decor decorating ideas tipsHope you like the idea of making glass vase into “wooden” look alike.

Thanks for the read!!



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