Spring Mantel!!

Hello & Welcome to my family room. Needs lot of updates, but first baby steps . Today my focal point is the fireplace mantel. It houses many personal/sentimental stuff like pics, greeting cards ,kids art work ,etc . I’m not a seasonal decorator(oops!!). I want to make subtle changes but still can have those stuff up there without cluttering it.

spring decor fireplace mantel decorating ideas home

After cleaning it up and bringing some spring screaming vases and no heavy load ,my fireplace mantel did start breathing again, i could hear it : ))))).

fireplace mantel home decorating ideas spring decor flowers vses homegoods marshalls

Much Better now right ?? : ).

I did buy the clear vases(?) from homegoods and the blue aqua ones from marshalls for $5 each, bargain totally. I then brought back IKEA white vases.

decorating ideas spirng decor cleaning fireplace mantel home blog

I shopped around my house to find the centerpiece ,found one in the living room ,so up on the mantel.

spring decor fireplace mantel decorating ideas home blog

Amazed to see how subtle changes would change the whole view of it.

Happy Decorating : )

Thanks for the read!!





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