DIY Ottoman Tray!!

Hello all!! We are in much need of an ottoman tray. This is also a leather ottoman , so i have to move my other one to our master bedroom.  Back to tray, I would like to do it myself  : ) .  I will share with you how i did it, will be glad if you are interested to make one for yourself : ).

Many options to choose from ,picture frame tray are the most popular in pinterest , very creative but not my style. So opt for some thing else, found this tray(?) in the basket aisle at Marshalls. Fell in love with the shape and it can hold a lot of stuff.

ottoman tray diy paint spray white red yellow home decor coding dots

All you need is to paint , attach handles(pulls) and design of your own and viola, you have new custom made tray : )

As for the paint, i went with the primer+paint white in semi-gloss

rustoleum spray paint white smei gloss tray diy home decor

The pulls ( handles), i found these cuties in home depot nuts and bolts aisle.

mod podge coding dots handles home depot ac moore craft diy home decor

For the dots, i bought the coding dots from staples but you can find it here too  , as i’m little disappointed with my other  polka dots tray, didn’t want to try that method again.

Sketched paisley with the pencil and i made sure it doesn’t compete with my inlay table as it might look too busy.

paisley pencil sketch tray ottoman hiome decor diy

to this : )

pencil sketch paisley ottoman tray home decor

Added mod podge before placing the dots because dots were removable and want them to stay there for a very long time.

ottoman tray paisley coding dots mod podge crafts

After finishing it, i felt need one more inner one to complete the look.

paisley ottoman tray diy home decor marshalls home depot mod podge coding dots

Attached the handles

handles home depot tray ottoman diy paisley family room

L.O.V.E the shape of it : ))))))

I did give a coat of this sealer.

minwax home depot sealer tray ottoman leather family room home decor diy

Couldn’t be more happier : ).

ottoman tray diy home decor kindle magazines family room

And a few more for you : )

ottoman tray diy home decor kindle strwberries paint family room magazines

It CAN hold a lot of stuff.

ottoman tray diy home decor kindle magazines family roomHappy Monday : )

Thanks for the read!!







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