The Power of Solar!!

A few years back , I was not so smitten about solar powered dancing flowers, but now a big fan of them.

Simple little things do have a big impact.  After browsing a few, bought mine from . The shipping was so quick and the customer service is great . They are NOT paying me to say this :  ) .

Dancing flowers

The butterfly dancing and the bee ones are the winners in my house,because they are so much fun for the kids to watch : ).

Thanks for the read!!


I built a (Doll)house!!

I’m blogging back after a long time. Happy Spring to all!! . Today’s post as the title says it all, it is about the dollhouse. My four-year old is so much into dolls, from fairies to princesses to what not :), so i came up with an idea of making her a dollhouse.

Since googling is my unpaid job, i was imaging a billions of dollhouses, but didn’t find anything to my interest. I was following Young House Love blog ever since the blog world started, so sad to see them go but inspired by their dollhouse, i thought that is exactly what we wanted.

Off to the Home Depot for some lumber materials, thanks to the nicest lady who took the time to cut the exact dimensions for me : ) For the measurement instructions please visit young house love.

diy dollhouse kids princess fairies toys


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