Dressing up a Tray!!

Thank you for all the page views for my inlay table makeover : ). Moving on to the next one, dressing up a tray. I would like to add a vanity/dresser tray.  Looking around the house for extras ,i think we all have at least one extra, right? : ), found one  tray to dress it up, luckily the size is also right.

homegoods tray diy home decor spray paint polka dots martha stewart

The materials used are spray paint heirloom off white, martha stewart  rosegold  metalllic paint and and star stencil by MS.  I did spray paint the tray first, sorry don’t have a pic of that, it is kind of trick to take a pic while working : ).

spray paint heirloom off white martha stewart home decor diy

Then allowed to dry completely, and took my trusty stencil to get the rose gold stars, but it started bleeding so does my heart, so have to wipe off the smudges with the damp cloth and started with the polka dots. You can clearly see it, right  ??(snifffff)

spray paint heirloom off hwite martha stewart home decor diy

I used the tip of the brush to create dots, they are not even but looked good after that huge disappointment.

stencil tip martha steart polk dots dresser home decor diy

And look like this : )

spray paint heirloom off white martha stewart polka dots home decor dresser

It houses well on my dresser, love the spray paint, i might start spray painting my hubs and kids too (oh no, that should never happen :  )).

heirloom off white spray paint polka dots diy home decor dresser


Any suggestions from you guys to avoid smudgy mistakes are much appreciated : )

Thanks for stopping by and for the read!!



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