Stainless “Steeling” away!!

Stainless steels are every where from kitchen counter tops to wrist watches. I like the sleek and clean look of it.  In a home decor, if you have a mix of everything it will give be interesting and add character.

I have no idea why orchids(faux) have black or dark green base. To me Let the colors of orchid be anything but the base should always be in a lighter color. I have two orchids with black base , i know,  i can’t return it to store as they are couple of years old now : ).

orchid flower stainless steel home decor spray paint diy


At first thought of caulking the base with pebbles, then dropped that idea because it might look heavier at the base and orchids will look even more taller. Then i thought painting with some colors, like white, pale green but it didn’t quite set my mind for it.

Decided why not Stainless Steel spray paint. Off to michaels store to find one of these

and after couple of mins :

stainless steel spray paint orchid spring home decor

L.O.V.E. it. Instantly gives that sophisticated look only for under $8. I put  it on my beaded runner and looks good, i think.

stainless steel orchids flowers spring home decor


In these pics it looks like antique silver but it does look a lot like stainless steel in person : )

So this didn’t stop me just with this one. I have dollar tree baskets (2 for $1),  Tried to see whether it looks like a steel wire basket, almost there.

dollar tree wicker baskets home decor stainless steel spray

I put one of them immediately in my powder room .

More to explore soon :).

Thanks for stopping by and for the read!!






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