Spring & Garden!!

Spring brings many joys along with it, one of them is Gardening : ). Always excited to see new buds and plant some more. It gives a chance to at least try gardening for once.  My love for gardening also from this post. This might be the millionth garden post out here in the blog world, but i would like to share some of mine : ).

In our garden,we have a variety of all : ). I love annuals like geranium, ranunculus ,begonias and impatiens.  Roses,hydrangeas, azaleas,peonies,lilacs will also show it off their beau in the spring & Summer seasons.

hydrangeas bulbs flowers spring summer fall garden home


I like mine blue so i use this fertilizer:

blue hydrangeas fertilizer spring summer fall garden home

To all flowering plants including jasmines, hibiscus, i use this fertilizer for many years now,it never once disappointed the results This one is from home depot.


Jasmine flowers

jasmine potted plants fertilizer



hibiscus tropical hawaii spring summer flowers garden home

For roses (in the pic is frederic mistral hybrid tea rose). I have an opportunity in this post to show my photography skills(?) too :  )

frederic mistral hybid tea rose fertilizer sping summer coffee garden home


double delight hybrid tea rose beau : )


hybrid tea roses double delight  fertilizer spring summer  home

roses hybrid tea knockout roses spring summer fall home garden fertilizer coffee


And i also use bayer rose liquid fertilizer to keep the bugs away.

But the basic “fertilizer” for all without these extra fittings are (to me) Coffee grounds and Epsom Salts. Azaleas will love and thank you for the coffee grounds : ).

Ranunculus : )

ranunculus spring garden annuals summer home

and Many more

Thanks for stopping by and for the read!!

Happy Gardening!!




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