Pebble Grey Galore!!

My to-do list is growing bigger everyday. We are living in our house for 8 years now but didn’t paint a single room yet, first my older one was a toddler that time and now my little one ,so waiting for her be done with making  “artwork” on the walls : ). But i have a plan to paint rooms one at a time. First is the powder room and the next thing on the list is to make a gallery wall and make foyer look little bit more attractive. As of now it looks like this, not attractive at all.


I have thousands of paint swatches from different stores : ). Love each and every one but i like the most is the Pebble Grey by Glidden for this spot.  I’m hoping it will give the sophisticated look over all.

glidden paint pebble grey

I have to deal with the eyesores like the alarm system and the huge plugin. But with the open frames, wooden plaques, canvas arts, this wall might turn pretty fun in no time.  Similar pic from here :

gallery wall

Since yellow is the closest friend of grey, they will look together too, hoping to add at least one frame in yellow.

This weekend plan is to paint the powder room walls and also plant hydrangeas, roses in my garden and as well prune the old ones : ) I think i will have something to share with you next week.

Thanks again for stopping by and for the read!!




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