DIY Beaded Table Runner!!

I’m always hunt for new and different things. Ever since i saw beaded runner/rug on the home decor magazines ,i’m in LOVE with it.  But didn’t want to splurge $$$ so an idea popped right away why not to do it myself one for the fraction of the cost.

A trip to the craft store to buy doilies paper cut, yes you heard me right  doilies : ) ,since this is of a trial and error kind of a project, didn’t mind paying couple of dollars : ). I have the other materials like paint,pearls,rhinestones and other beads handy.

doilies beaded runner rug diy


After playing around with the pattern, decided to go with the simpler one. (Sorry no pic). And then the fun begins with painting : ).

acrylic paint diy beaded runner rug doilies

I started painting sparingly with yellows, green, silver,blue since the show stoppers are the beads : ). Next step is to glue and add pearls , rhinestones and some gold glitter to get this look.

diy beaded runner rug paint pearls rhinestones beads


I know bad lighting. Another pic in an different angle(hope to get some light ).

diy beaded runner table top doililes pearls rhinestones

I’m pretty happy with the end result for shy of under $10, i have beaded runner/rug which houses on my dining table for now : ). This project makes me one happy blogger.

diy beaded runner rug table top dining room pearls rhinestones doilies

Hope you liked my idea : )

Thanks for the Read!!



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