Touch of Color!!

Weave baskets are popular by itself,  a great asset for all organization.  Just for some fun craft, i did paint it. The color block effect with not much of an effort (oh that was rhyming : ) ).

Materials used are orange and blue acrylic paints with the dash of white  just to keep them little lighter : ).

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Fruit Basket Caddy!!

Every time my guests bring fruit gift basket, i hate to throw it away. Bu this time, i saved it for some craft work. The basket itself is in good shape , so have to just paint it : ). It can be used for multipurpose, like holding kids art supplies, as remote caddy, etc.

The materials i used for this are acrylic white ,red,blue,yellow,green acrylic paint and spray paint heirloom white. A very simple and easy one, i spray painted inside the basket and played with the acrylic paints outside to give that color block look, before pic

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