Crystal Wind Chimes

After many years of hanging, my wind chime started to come apart , thanks to my munchkins for keep pulling the rods whenever they can reach them :).. needless to say it was screaming for some little makeover..

I did splurge on the crystals from AC Moore..Again an easy peasy get a clean and modern look, i opt for you guessed it right, Spray Paint Rust-oleum Heirloom White,something with this color,i’m obsessed..

Simply painted away(i used only coat of the paint though) and hung all my crystals in them..that is all..i have homemade custom Wind Chime Crystals!!

It does look like grayish! It is hard to see the crystals in this pic, but they do shine in the sunlight through window..Me Likey!!

Thanks for the read!!

Floor Cushion!!

Hello!! Hope you had a good weekend..This week i’m working on a my mom cave..hoping to make progress sooner ..Floor cushions are everywhere..some are called pouf..the name itself sounds so cutey!! But that is not the project i’m tackling now..

My little one had outgrown the crib mattress..always wanted to do something with it, when i was window shopping(online that is) for a daybed..don’t want to splurge ,so came up with the idea Crib mattress as Floor heard me right,for a while we can live with this plan..

I’m so excited to share it with you the process which is super duper easey!!

Step 1)

Step 2)

Flat sheet  and some toss pillows 🙂

Another Look!!

I need to update this with the pretty sheet and some more pillows to toss!!

Hope you have a better idea to do with your crib mattress than mine..

Thanks for the read!!

Vases + Flowers=Happy Marriage!!

Vases in my opinion likes to flaunt their beauty by housing beautiful flowers..i vase every corner of my house..

Imagine an empty space and with the help of even a tiny vase with a flower will brighten both the space and the owner..

Vases and Flowers are the Happy Marriage!!

Roses, tulips,peonies,lilies,lilac..all house in the vases when they are in season..faux flowers show off their pride too..

Happy Flaunting!!

Thanks for the read!!

Apothecary Jars

Unique and Versatile things catch my eyes first..Endless possibilities with apothecary jars, love the shape of it, pretty much brighten any area of a living, dining,bath,bedroom..

An afternoon of fun creativity with the apothecary jars sounds like a fantastic plan!!


Faux flowers ,fruits to cookies and ornaments to potpourri to bath soaps to hand lotions(travel size)..list goes on and on..It is very seasonal..which i like the most..


Every time when i see them at any home decor store, wanted to grab the whole bunch of them, but not willing to when i saw them at Homegoods for 9.99,was i excited and bought home one(for now)!! Score!!


It houses on my breakfast table with sunny bright happy lemons(faux)!!

Happy Decorating!!

Thanks for the read!!