Daybed Vs Chaise..

Mom cave screams for Daybed or Chaise..But even before i have started working on my mom cave,  cravings for either one is growing very strong day by day..

Here are some of my favs 🙂

I like the clean, straight lines in this day bed, it looks upscale and modern..even with just 2 toss pillows on either side..this is a winner in my book..


Just to even think of chaise makes me feel so much relaxed..


This is another day bed that i’m drooling over for a long time now..


Tufted Chaise always looks elegant, Timeless to me..



If i think of chaise or daybed, first thing that comes to my mind is putting my feet up and sipping a cup of tea!! is this also called day “dreaming” bed??..ahha..

Thanks for the read!!


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