“Sisal”ling Rope..

I’m astound with the crafts that you can make with sisal rope..so off to the home depot to pick myself one to get started on a very simple project and slowly progressing to other ones..

Ingredients  Materials:

I’m a big sucker for Vases..big or small..i find them..ahha..that’s said..i took one of my little vases(which i was trying to convert into enameled one but good try..ahha)..

With the help of Sisal Rope and glue gun ,started gluing and pressing to make sure they are still in place and wrapping inch by inch the vase.. i didn’t take picture of the process though..

Left out little bit open at the mouth side..because first i ran out of glue sticks(talk to me about pre-plan) and i didnt want to look like basket sort..

It sits happily next to my Kirkland find vase on my foyer console,which is also a steal from Ross for $49..yep that story for later with rub n buff ..


I switched it next to the homegoods vase in the living room..it looks so good in there..

For my next project..I found this bin in the Dollar section of Target ,which i call “danger zone”..ahha..because every time i stroll around that area , grab a thing or two..

There is nothing wrong with the design or so..but it is the perfect candidate which can be dressed up with the sisal rope..

Have you roped anything lately??

Thanks for the read..


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