Rug in the House..

The name of this post says it all!! Here, I wanted to share with you the rugs in my house!!

Foyer Rug:)

Love the shape of it!! We bought it ages ago from BB&B!!

Dining Room Rug!!

Bought this one from how the colors ties with the dining set 🙂

Breakfast Nook Rug!!

This is from Ross for 16$!!

Family Room Rug:)

This is also from JCP..Love all the colors in them..this is the only rug which does has modern,sleek look!!

Love to add more rugs to my other rooms in the house with the latest trend like this one from urban outfitters ..sigh..

It’s time to get my vaccum cleaner out after seeing (in the pics,that is) how much mess did we do before i took pics of the rugs 🙂

Thanks for the read!!


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