Apothecary Jars

Unique and Versatile things catch my eyes first..Endless possibilities with apothecary jars, love the shape of it, pretty much brighten any area of a living, dining,bath,bedroom..

An afternoon of fun creativity with the apothecary jars sounds like a fantastic plan!!


Faux flowers ,fruits to cookies and ornaments to potpourri to bath soaps to hand lotions(travel size)..list goes on and on..It is very seasonal..which i like the most..


Every time when i see them at any home decor store, wanted to grab the whole bunch of them, but not willing to splurge..so when i saw them at Homegoods for 9.99,was i excited and bought home one(for now)!! Score!!


It houses on my breakfast table with sunny bright happy lemons(faux)!!

Happy Decorating!!

Thanks for the read!!


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