Daybed Vs Chaise..

Mom cave screams for Daybed or Chaise..But even before i have started working on my mom cave,  cravings for either one is growing very strong day by day..

Here are some of my favs 🙂

I like the clean, straight lines in this day bed, it looks upscale and modern..even with just 2 toss pillows on either side..this is a winner in my book..


Just to even think of chaise makes me feel so much relaxed..


This is another day bed that i’m drooling over for a long time now..


Tufted Chaise always looks elegant, Timeless to me..



If i think of chaise or daybed, first thing that comes to my mind is putting my feet up and sipping a cup of tea!! is this also called day “dreaming” bed??..ahha..

Thanks for the read!!


Stamp the Canvas..

I’m still working on my mom cave..thought of adding another homemade work of art just like this ..pop of pink in somewhere middle of brown is so much fun..

easy peasey craft in NO time:


After many stamps:

Will update a pic once it is on the wall..

Thanks for the read!!


My Photography..

From this post you might know that i’m still a beginner,learning everyday about my dslr camera..i’m enjoying and capturing beautiful moments..i would like to share with you some of my “work”..i have a long way to go with photography..

Yes..i’m the proud owner of these peonies..they bloom was windy and sunny when i captured this beauty..

I was so smitten to see a parade of clouds in the sky one lovely grabbed my dslr and started to click them..some of them,including this looked like an animal to me especially a cutey doggy..

Jelly Beans,munchkins favorite..i used a candle holder to fill the jelly beans and made it sit horizontally and took a shot or two of this colorful snack..

It was raining and the sky looked like it had an orangey drink and washing it down the trees and mountains..i captured this pic between two houses..yes..other than cropping the image ,i didn’t do all the colors in this pic..

From my Rose Garden, This is Frederick Mistral , the blooming machine,not kidding, it doesn’t take any rest i guess..this one was budding, so gotta get a shot..

Since these are my “entry level” pics.. more to grow on my photography..

Thanks for the read!!

“Sisal”ing Rope Basket..

Yep! This is the Part-2 of the sisal rope project..


With the glue gun,i started wrapping around the bin

and Finally look like this:

Since i’m known for my imperfection :)..will spray paint it later or do a little touch up:)

And just for showcasing ,i have put some craft items in it but it might end up in my bathroom holding some lotions and stuff ..

Looking at the pic,i might spray paint inside in a dark color..

For this week.enough of roping i guess..ahha..

Thanks for the read!!