LOTS of love!!

Hello, Hope you had a nice weekend, since my trip to IKEA the millionth time..i bought LOTS mirror.  In my family room, either side of my fireplace, i would like to add a faux window, so hence this LOTS mirror idea, still progressing…but i would to share with you the idea..

So off to the home depot for some pretty molding and one of their helpful people cut the molding for me..

while at HD i also grabbed some Removable Puttys

carefully following the directions in the back of LOTS mirror,i put them on the wall and then the molding with putty each side to make it as a mirror frame..

it looks like this

I do have some crown molding pieces with me,but still debating whether to add them ,but i love how easy and simple to do this and it looks a lot better than just the mirror!! Any thoughts on this more than welcome!! More on this pretty soon!!

Thanks for the read!!


Sunburst Mirror!!

It is so much fun to add Sunburst Mirror into my home decor, so many versatile ..one can make it with paint sticks, dowel sticks, faux bamboo sticks,plastic spoons,list goes on and on..i got inspired from the Nester Blog, made myself with poster board, it came out pretty good.. But i need to add satin ribbon to curve of the mirror though..the brown is the reminder for me to add it asap..:)

Thanks for the read!!