Garden Love!!

Flowers in Bloom,Grass looks greener and the moods get better everyday during spring and summer..One of my passions is to grow things and take care of them..

My love for Roses is something to be noticed..Hybrid teas,knockouts are proudly showing off their beauty in my garden..

My peonies are the best show off of all..blooms are heavenly..

Potted plants and me..they are with me throughout the i have mentioned before in one of my posts about house plants..i have jasmines, lemon tree(since we live in a zone where it cannot be left outside throughout the year) plaintain plant..and some herbs seasonally..

Hostas, Azaleas and Magnolia are showing off in front side of my house

I have more tips than you can expect on Gardening..planting and taking care..One key ingredient is Epsom heard me right!! They give life to almost all blooming and non blooming plants..

Happy Gardening!!

Thanks for the read!!


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