Swatch He”art” !!

I love painting(like canvas,oil,tanjore,etc..) I like painting furniture too..In any Home Improvement i go, the first aisle i go to is “the paint aisle”.. and have started to collect paint swatches, found an interesting creation in Pinterest on paint swatch i made myself one and it houses happily in my MOM CAVE..that is another story with lots of pictures :)..

Bad Lighting!!

But Super Love them!!

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My love for D.S.L.R

I love blogging but when it comes to blogging with pictures, i solely depend on my little digital camera, no offense to it, but it disappoints me when I really needs it’s help..I always LONG for DSLR..the big Baby! Finally I own one now.. i’m still an entry level photographer with my DSLR but this is one of the happy moments in my life other than my two munchkins birthdays..Happy Smiling!

Here is my DSLR shot of my budding Perfume Delight Rose!!

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My “Brassy” effects!!

Recently, i have started a sudden interest towards “Brass”..i’m trying to recreate everything in Brass, but it is expensive,the only easy way for me to achieve that with my B.F.F Brass Metallic Spray Paint,the first time when i tried it on a very odd looking thing, i was amazed how that one turned.. i like the golden look it gives…My living room is filled with brassy accents, i will share with you the pictures as soon as i can find them! Continue reading


My name is Jay.I’m a Big time Home Decor Fanatic. I love to decorate anything and everything. Unique and interesting things catch my eyes first. I would love to share my passion with you all..Hope you will stick around to see what is next.

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