Golden Living!

My Living room is slowly progressing into a “Golden” room.. Lots of accents of Gold(kudos to spray paint)..A list of things that needs to be done in this room are

1)Paint the wall

2) Stencil the Bamboo Rug

3)Pendant lighting

4) Fill up the Expedit

Let’s see how much i accomplish:)

But here are the pics
Living Room from Long Shot!

Golden Living!


This is an outdoor side table, with the help of spray paint in Metallic Gold..i converted it into a brassy look table and it instantly becomes an conversational piece in this room!

Horse also got a dose of Spray Paint and it is Glowing now!! 🙂

This is a Plant Stand that i got it from Home Depot years ago!! From white to Metallic Gold!!

Saree Pillow from World Market!! It fits in this room perfectly:)

Rub n Buff in Gracian Gold Elephant

Hope to see you here again for my next post!

Thanks for the read!!



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