Fall Touches!!

Hello All!! Sorry for not blogging regularly for couple of months and Thanks to all the readers who are still following my blog.  I will try to post at least two posts per week from now on. This is my passion/dream so will try hard not to lose it : ).

I did clean up a little bit to add some fall touches to my house. Love plush pumpkins. Big time. They are so cute and adorable and a very nice touch around the house. It adds so much warmth and color to my family room : ).

pumpkins,plus,fall,autumn,decorating ideas,home

In my dining room, added some more pumpkins, as you know i’m not a seasonal decorator ,try to keep the basics in place as the next season starts. Yes, i do have the blue table runner which i adore and think it does compliment orange so well.

pumpkins,plus,fall,autumn,decorating ideas,home,dining room

In living room, i needed some contrasting colors to the pebble grey by glidden, so far this is my favorite color of all ,love white pumpkin in here : ).

pumpkins,plus,fall,autumn,decorating ideas,white pumpkin,home decor,living room,pebble grey by glidden

Love this mini glittery pumpkins. A bright contrast to my table : ).

pumpkins,plus,fall,autumn,decorating ideas,home

My do-to list is so long, but my immediate one to finish up is this Duktig kitchen. Excited to add all possible vibrant colors : )

duktig kitchen,ikea,kids,play, colors,flowers


Thanks for the read!!




Lesson Learnt(?)!!

Hello All!!.I have  never thought the choosing the colors will be so difficult. As you know that i’m on a mission to paint my house this summer, and with some professional help to paint 20′ feet walls, we are almost done. I will share with you my house paint colors soon but here is a pic of my family room in grant beige by benjamin moore. It is hard to tell how the color is, because day time it is much more of greener and brighter and in the night and on cloudy days it becomes grayish . But i personally like it , as this color allows you to add more vibrant colors to the room.

grant beige, famioy room color ideas, beanjamin moore, painting, home decor

My dining room is the true wheeling neutral by Benjamin Moore, it is a win-hate condition.  It is so funny the same color in the same room looks different in opposite walls. Haha, you can see the samples lying on the dining table, believe me i have plenty in my garage.


wheeling neutral, dining room color ideas, benjamin moore, painting, home decor

But the biggest blunt of all is the foyer with the jonquil yellow by Glidden. No offense to the color, it is a beautiful yellow but the choice of the place were we went are little off. In the night, my foyer looks like a DAY. No Kidding.

jonquil yellow, foyer room color ideas,glidden, painting, home decor

Now it will cost us a fortune to fix it. But i’m so excited to start stenciling the gr(b)eige walls and share it with you all.

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Ikea Rast {Hack} Makeover!!

Hello All!. Yet another Ikea Rast Makeover. I have seen many modern inspirations on Pinterest.

But i would like to add a twist and make it look {little} antique  with the touch of modern.  The difficult part for me was to choose the color, believe me i went through a pile of swatches and ended up using the plain old wood stain : ))))). I know, a big scream..

ikea raasr hack ideas, makeover, wood stsain, minwax, wood, blogging

I did get couple of wood scroll appliques ,while purchasing the legs for it at the home depot. I filled the holes on the sides with the wood filler so i can add the pulls in the center..

This is my mood board for this makeover. I’m planning to finish this week so i can reveal it to you.

ikea rasr makeover ideas, modern, antique, home depot, scrolls, blogging

Summer months, my blogging will be slower, thanks again for your support.


Thanks for the read!!



Two Tone Mirror!!

Hello All!!. In my living room ,First project is to makeover a mirror that i already have for years . I went with the two tone look, as it will make it look more sophisticated and elegant against the grey wall. But love the black though.

Before pic : )

two tone mirror, decorating ideas, diy, martha stewart paints,home decor

The materials used are , primer, martha stewart acrylics paints { pale bronze & rose gold }.two tone mirror, decorating ideas, primer, paint, living room,diy

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